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Our Top 10 Destination Recommendations

Punta Gorda is for sure one of the most amazing places in Florida. Here are our favourite things to see and do whilst staying in our beautiful city which promises many great experiences.
Some are well known, whilst others are not so well known. Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order. 

1. Peace River Wildlife Center

Our Top 10 - Peace River House - Your Vacation Rental Home

Punta Gorda city and its residents care greatly about their wildlife, so the citizens created a rescue center, called Peace River Wildlife Center. It’s a non-profit organization that conserves the fauna, birds and reptile species of the Florida area. To admire their work, you can donate or even be a volunteer at the center. 

2. Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City

  1. Are you a car lover? Great! In Punta Gorda, you will find the amazing Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City, a museum that owns a huge collection of old cars. Some of them are over 80 years old, maintaining a great level of attractiveness.

3. Fisherman's Village

Peace River House Punta Gorda Fisherman's Village

Punta Gorda owns the Fishermen’s Village, one of the only resorts in Florida that provides, recreation activities, waterfront dinner, waterfront shops and a lot of events to entertain its tourists – all in the same place. You can even rent a fishing boat or a family cruise to transform your trip into another amazing experience.

4. Golfing

Our Top 10 - Peace River House - Your Vacation Rental Home

It was included in the top #3 places to live and play golf by Golf Digest, an online magazine that stands for promotion of the golf sport. You have 8 lands for golf courses in the city and 5 lands surrounding the city. Search for availability on the local golf websites.

5. Sailing

Peace River House Punta Gorda Sailing

Punta Gorda was included in the top #10 places to sail in Florida by Sail Magazine and in the top #15 best yachting towns in Florida. These achievements are due to its location near the Gulf of Mexico, an important source for sailing activities.

6. Cycling

Peace River House Punta Gorda Cycling Sunset

Do you love bicycling? Well, Punta Gorda is a great place to visit for a cycling vacation. There is a 2-km cycle track ready for you. For visitors who do not own a bicycle, you can loan one for free. The city was nominated for Bicycle Community of the Year, in 2010 by the Florida Bicycle Association.

7. Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

Peace River House Punta Gorda Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary Lion

You are very welcome to Octagon Animal Sanctuary, another non-profit organization that over four decades has saved a huge number of unfortunate animals. Today the number of rescued animals is over one hundred, due to the dedicated care of the director and the volunteers.

8. Jazz and Wine Festival

Peace River House Punta Gorda Jazz Festival

Each year, Punta Gorda is the host of an amazing Wine and Jazz Festival. The next one will take place in February 2018, and will bring together famous jazz artists from all over the United States, but also from abroad. Good vibes are assured.

9. Rocking

Punta Gorda is also known to be a colorful place, due to the recent trend of “Rocking”. People are painting on small stones and leaving them outside houses and in public places – it could be a ballerina or a whale, a butterfly or a local symbol. Started to brighten up people’s days, it has definitely been a hit from people of all ages.

10. Punta Gorda's Historic Murals

This city is quite historical and has loads of hand painted murals throughout downtown. For more inspiration, you should totally visit The Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society, a non-profit organization directed by volunteer managers, that promote the beauty of mural arts.

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