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Cycling in Punta Gorda

Cycling is one of the healthiest leisure activities, but when it comes to bicycle-friendly cities, not all of them fall in the same category. Well, that is where Punta Gorda wins the bet due to its friendly transportation network. If you know the vicinity already or you have ever been to Punta Gorda, you must have noticed that this city in Florida is often crowded by cyclists from around the Globe. Even if you have never ridden a bicycle, it is the perfect place for you to get started.

Peace River House Punta Gorda Cycling Route Track

The Florida Bicycle Association ranked Punta Gorda at the top for being the Bicycle Community of the Year. See, when it comes to cycling, scenic beauty holds an utmost significance. Have you ever seen Tour de France happening in a desert? No, it does not happen. In order to provide an ecstatic experience to cyclers, the view must be eye-catching. Well, that is yet another important perk of visiting Punta Gorda.

There are various cycling trails in the vicinity, and Charlotte Harbor happens to be the most notable one with varying scenes and elevations on an array of trails. Punta Gorda’s trails lead away and towards the center of town. If you need a break after a tough ride or you just want to have some recreation with your family and friends, trails that lead towards beautiful towns and parks are easy to find. A park worth mentioning is the Linear Park, you can enjoy the liberty of exploring the fishermen’s village and the historic train depot as well.

If we talk about the clubs, there are an array of them that you could join including Peace River Riders Bicycle Club and Wheels and Wings.

Peace River House Punta Gorda Cycling Family